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Oh, they were discussing their weapons. That seemed pretty reasonable. Kizi had a gun, which was... admittedly intimidating, but it provided some sort of comfort to know that one of them had some capability to defend the others if a problem arose. Jennifer's chain was a bit out of the ordinary, but Bart figured that it could have some practical use. But even if the chain couldn't be used to fight, both of the girls had still had far better luck than he did.

"Um, I don't think that I'm gonna be so useful in that regard." He said, slightly downtrodden. "All I got was a book. It's not that thick, and it's paperback. It doesn't even look like it would be a good read, to be honest..."

Wait, he was getting off topic. They needed to figure out where they needed to go. Jennifer had even said so. Bart checked out his map once more to get a better look at their options. The relative lack of locations to the south made this task much quicker than his previous scanning o the whole map, so he took little time before reporting his findings.

"There's a crematorium not too far from here." He pointed out both figuratively and literally. "It's off to the east while the bell tower is to the west, so there probably won't see to many people going there." He moved his hand further down the map. "There's also a supply depot, but it's at the far southern part of the island, and there's not a whole lot between here and there. Probably not too many people, but it'll be a real long walk."

He folded his map and looked up. "So which way do you want to go?"
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