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((Vanessa Stone continued from Five Finger Death Punch))

Between the radio in her jeep playing the greatest hits, or the insanity of the announcements reeling off the death toll, Vanessa preferred the former.

Nancy had killed someone. Vanessa had tried to lend her a hand, offer her some weed, get her to chill her ass the fuck out, but apparently the blue haired pop star had gone off the deep end and really had axed someone a question. Had it been done out of fear? Had she actively decided to fuck someone up? There were so many questions, but Vanessa was in no hurry to walk up to Nancy and ask.

She couldn’t help but give Jae a look when Alvaro’s name came up. He’d gotten off lucky, she supposed, with just a busted leg. Compared to Barry Banks, he was downright fortunate, and that just confirmed that Alvaro was downright trouble. They always did say it was the ones you'd least suspect.

The only good thing was that she didn’t hear Cam’s name come up in this twisted lottery, and that prompted a sigh of relief. She didn't hear anyone else from PC either, but she remembered that that only meant one other person if BB and Brady had had the (still totally bullshit) luck to be going on the other trip.

Well, it was probably a plus that Coleen hadn’t gotten herself killed, if she was around. She supposed that much, anyway.

The two neared the radio tower, Vanessa getting the lay of the land all the while. This area stood in stark contrast to the asylum they’d left behind, but it was still a few decades behind what was back home. At least it was something new compared to walking down Main Street for the five hundredth fucking time.

As the two walked within range of the small building that Lizzie had sought shelter in, Vanessa craned her neck towards it to cue Jae where her interest lay. She was pretty happy to see inside all the buildings dotted around the island, because what the fuck else was she going to do, but this one just happened to catch her attention first.

Straight forward as ever, Vanessa let herself in without so much as stopping to press her ear against the door. Lizzie’s cries echoed out as she did so, but that wouldn’t have deterred Vanessa in the first place.

“Yo, someone in here?”
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