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No, he was upset, he must’ve been. Of course people were going to start dying and killing each other, that was how this whole thing worked, but that didn't mean it meant nothing. Yeah, maybe he wasn’t surprised or horrified or in tears from it, but it still must've bothered him on some level. He wasn’t some kind of unfeeling monster, after all. He couldn’t be.

As per tradition, his stressful contemplation was interrupted by unexpected company. Having chosen to camp on the same wall as the entrance to the room, Sandy was able to remain undetected as the girl strode right in, giving him the fleeting but valuable observational edge.

Just like in the library, this person was another complete stranger, barely recognisable as a face from the halls or perhaps some club driven photo spread. Given what had happened to him last time in this situation (he swore he could still taste those damned spiders), Sandy was already beginning to tense.

“For fuck's sake…” he grumbled to himself in as deliberate a whisper as he could, creeping up the wall to a standing position. He reached for the Molotov that he’d kept atop his bag, within easy reach for a situation exactly like this. He knew what it was by now, having taken some time to rifle through his bag the night before in a fit of boredom, but it suited him more as a blunt object than a fiery projectile.

“I’m not looking for friends.” He announced to Jasmine’s back, ready to give her a firm stare that said ‘and don’t try to convince me otherwise’ when she inevitably turned around. He wasn’t going to start the next day in Hell with a repeat of the first, and he strongly suspected that the sooner Jasmine was gone, the happier he’d be.
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