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The spear point lowered towards the crowd, but it stayed firmly held in Kimiko's hand. It would have been suicidal to drop it. Tactically she was fucked anyway. She couldn't cross the room quick enough to stop Samuel from shooting her even if she wanted too. He had the advantage but the spear offered some comfort and she needed that.

She couldn't guarantee he wasn't lying either.

He could still attack her.

Kimiko decided on a solution that would hopefully keep both sides happy; spinning the spear around in her hand so that the tip faced from Samuel and out into the corridor. She still held it, but there was no implied threat.

The glass shard was in pocket of course. Kimiko could feel it resting against her. A constant reminder of what she had done to Cristo. He was hurt in the storehouse or had moved...or worse. She could still feel him grabbing her and the feeling of the glass breaking his skin.

Samuel was focused on her, Kimiko felt like he was looking through her skin and to her soul. She was uncomfortable being around another person so soon she realised. She needed to shift his focus.

Pointing in the direction the other boy had run Kimiko looked at Samuel with an questioning glance. Something to take her mind off everything.
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