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Trav stopped, raised an eyebrow and then shook his head.

"No, no way. I'm not just going to leave you."

Trav, to be perfectly truthful didn't quite understand why Cass was suddenly so down. He had an idea and all but he wasn't sure he was right. He also had never really been in that frame of mind. It made him realise how lucky he was in a way. Trav had found his calling in life early and was lucky enough to get support from his parents to pursue it. Hell they paid for a lot of it even. In short, his life had been good, very good in fact. If things had kept going the way they were Trav was sure his life would have had some tough patches sure, everyone's did, but it would have been more or less the same overall.

Cass, Trav reckoned hadn't had the same thing. He didn't know why and he wasn't going to ask.

She needed someone to stay with her though.

He was sure of that.

So he stepped back, perched himself on one of the slopes of the roof and rested his arms over his legs.

Deep down there was another reason of course there was. He didn't want to be alone. Plus even know he had only known Cass as a person for all of a sunrise he liked her.

The second darker reason. He was scared for his friends, for Noodle, mainly. He knew he wanted to go and find her. But he didn't want to go looking only to end up...he didn't have the word and didn't have the desire to find it.

So for those reasons Trav stayed sitting on the roof.

"I do have other people. But I found you first, so I can wait."
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