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Suddenly, the room got tense. Bart asked if everything was alright. Kiziah even apologized. What for? Perhaps because she didn’t feel it fit to bring it up? That’s a possibility.

“Oh, no need,” Jennifer said, slightly leaning forward to get another look. “I thought I’d ask because, well, it’s good to figure out what supplies we’ve got to work with, right?”

She leaned back up. A shotgun could be useful. It wasn’t like they were going to actually kill anyone, obviously. But you could use it to scare someone away with the sound, provided you pointed it away from them as much as possible. You could hunt animals, too, but she wasn’t sure if Kiziah or Bart knew anything about hunting. Also, what kind of animals they could hunt was a factor too.

“Full disclosure: about roughly three feet of chain. Not sure if it can be useful right now, but that’s what they gave me, so…”

Okay, back on subject.

“Anyways, Bart’s idea is sound. Head southwards, and we’re less likely to encounter anyone who’d investigate the sound. Any ideas on safe spaces to hole up?”

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