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((Rene Wolfe continued from Why Y'all Gagging?))

A night sleeping on the rocky shoreline had not done wonders for Rene's stamina, nor did the fact that she had to sleep in shifts with the rest of her group. If it had been up to her, then she would have hidden somewhere in one of the supply buildings and taken a nap so that she could actually have a chance to regain some strength. Unfortunately, life seemed to have other plans, and that was why Rene was charging through the untamed foliage while half-asleep while under threat of her neck exploding if she didn't run fast enough.

Rene would have given more thought to what she had heard on the announcements, but at the moment she was trying her damnedest to keep up with Noah, who had the advantages of being in much better shape and having not been freshly awoken by a screeching loudspeaker. Thanks to what Rene was assuming was some sort of miracle, she managed to keep Noah in her line of sight. Well, more or less. She could see him once the trees were no longer blocking her vision at every turn, so she considered herself to have successfully kept up with him through their wild dash to safety.

With her collar ceasing to give her a warning of impending explosive decapitation, she slowed her stride to a walking pace as she approached Noah. He was waiting in front of a conveniently placed cabin, asking if any of the others had made it. Since Rene had been too busy worrying about her own safety, she hadn't noticed if Sandra or Blair had managed to follow them all the way there. However, she could still answer for herself. She raised her hand and called out to Noah. "Present."
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