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Sandra wasn't.

((Sandra Dyer continued from Why Y'all Gagging?))

She had woken Noah up at the end of her night watch shift, and went to "get some rest". In a way, she was surprised that she managed to sneak away from the group, but somehow, it had happened.

She wanted to apologize, but what would that have accomplished? Instead, she wandered. The sun was going to coming up soon, and so Sandra decided to head north. Well, north-west.

The announcements came on as she walked. People died, but Sandra didn't really pay attention to it. Well... the first name on that list had her attention.

Blair said that Jennifer had jumped off the bridge, but the narrative of the announcement didn't really match it. If she was still with the group, she'd probably have asked Blair what was up. Was it good that she left, then? Sandra didn't know.

Cristo was dead. That one stung, just a little bit. They weren't particularly close, but as his name was said her mind went to that encounter back at Mannie's. Killed by Kimiko... she'd run into her when she'd woken up. Sandra didn't know how to feel about that.

The supply depot was a danger zone. That was... where she had just been, wasn't it? Sandra didn't know, but she hoped that if it was, Noah and the others got away safely. Sandra couldn't worry about that. She wasn't with them anymore, so...

Soon, the announcements ended, and Sandra decided to stop and take in her surroundings. There was a chapel nearby. She headed over to the building, listening for any noises.

As she reached the door, she saw someone there, pushing against it.

Sandra didn't say anything, simply clearing her throat loudly.
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