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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Noah Whitley continued from Why Y'all Gagging?))

Noah continued to pant as he ran further and further away from the shoreline. He felt his bag bounce against his bag, while Sawlaska continued to bump against trees. He started cursing to himself, not loudly in case anyone was nearby. He was running blindly away from the shore, and he prayed it would not lead him towards damnation.

After leaving the tower, Noah and the girls made their way south. They found a secluded area near the shore, and had made camp there for the night. They took turns watching the others, with Sawlaska being passed around to the others. It was during Noah's morning shift that the announcements had come on. To his horror, the class had given into the game, and now several people were dead. Aside from knowing that people like Isabel Ramirez and Kimiko Kao were killing, there was learning that Abby had taken her life. Abby was such a nice and fun girl, and for her to end her life on the first day meant that something horrible must have happened for her to decide to opt out.

Before Noah could really react to the announcements, the speaker said the Supply Depot was now a Danger Zone. That's when Noah's collar starting beeping. He felt ready to crap himself. Their campsite must have been close to the Supply Depot, and now they had to scram. Noah had shouted and yelled for the girls to run, taking off in a direction he was sure lead away from the shore. He had continued to run, praying that the girls were behind him.

Noah finally stopped running when a building came into view. It looked like an old cabin, but it looked like a good enough place to stop and recoup. Noah came to a halt just outside the main entrance of the cabin, trying to catch his breath. He quickly turned around in the direction he had come from.

"Hey, is everyone here?" he asked.

He could feel the sweat falling down his forehead. He prayed everyone had made it out safely. They couldn't lose anyone just yet.
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