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Jerry finally put the knife away, then made his way outside. Nadia had to raise an eyebrow at his "Table Leg Samurai," which she immediately pondered was supposed to be a racial thing. She decided not to worry about racial insensitivity for the moment, especially since she was still aware Jerry had a knife. He was right that they weren't going to find anything useful here, so she might as well do what she planned.

Nadia quickly walked around the cabin until she found the first wooden chair she could. It looked fairly worn with age, so smashing it wouldn't be that difficult. She picked the chair up and hurled it against a wall. The chair broke into a few pieces, but not perfectly where she could just grab a leg off the floor. She had to walk over and began stomping on the remains of the chair, until she finally wretched free a leg.

Nadia was about to leave when she looked at the remains of the chair. If the chair was old enough that a weakling like her could smash it with a few tosses and stomps, then it was likely the leg wouldn't hold out. An idea came to her, and she wretched free another leg. This way, she figured, it the first leg broke apart on the first whack, she'd have a backup. It'd have to do for now, so she placed the second leg in her bag and zipped it shut, keeping the first one in hand.

Now there came the next issue: allying with Jerry or not. On one hand, he had a knife and seemed prepared to use it. On the other, he was not planning on using it on her at the moment. He seemed willing to ally with her, meaning she must have somehow made the right choices so far. Nadia thought for a moment, then made a decision.

Nadia opened the door and found Jerry outside.

"Let's go," she said.

At the very least, if she was on Jerry's side, he wouldn't use it against her. If anything, she might be able to convince him to use it on other people, if the time came for it. But that all depended on how everyone else acted here.

((Nadia Riva continued elsewhere))
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