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(Keith Bauer continued from Helvetica Standard)

Keith had spent the rest of the night inside a storage closet in the asylum. He managed to sleep on and off, but never all that well. It was the only thing he could think of doing. His only ally on the island had been killed and there had been nothing that he could do about it. He felt guilty. He should have refused to keep watch, then Jasmine wouldn't have been able to get the jump on Joshua.

He wasn't sure what to do anymore. He and Joshua had talked about trying to escape, but now that seemed impossible. Not if there were killers lurking around every corner.

He had snuck out of a side door of the asylum shortly after the announcement without anyone seeing him. He needed to be out of there. The basement was flooded and the library had Joshua's dead body inside it. He repeated the name's of the killers he remembered in his head every once in awhile as he walked. Isabel Ramirez, Kimiko Kao, Nancy Kyle, and the killer he had met, Jasmine Reed, were who he could remember. Keith knew there were a few more, but it's not like he had made a list.

As he rounded the corner of the asylum he spotted the small chapel that had been marked on the map. He hadn't been to church in a long time, but he felt so aimless, that maybe a visit to the chapel would give him some direction. He had to cross through a small part of the nearby gardens before reaching the front door.

He tried it once without it budging. It wasn't that surprising since everything he had seen in the asylum suggested the place was pretty old. With a grunt he tried it again, and it started to move.

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