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This was too much. Al expected to be braver person, but a gun was too much. Mia announced her weapon, a gun. A gun that could kill people, could kill Al instantly.

Al decided that he did not want to die. Not now. The gun in a room is too creepy to him. Candice, Mia, Serena and him in a room? That was fine. That was extremely fine. It's as if they were in the cantina again. The four of them in a room with a gun, though? Keeping the gun? Using the gun? Too much. This was nothing Alessio wanted to be a part of. A staff or a key as a weapon was normal. Even something like a knife was the most normal thing for Al.

A gun always meant death.

He stared into the door. He just wanted to go away. Stay away from the people. Not engage in the scenario that happened in his head. The possibilities as to what could happen with Mia coming into the room with the gun. The scenarios were too many Al could handle, risk. None of them were good scenarios. He did not want to. He stood up, and silently walked out of the room with his staff and bag in his hand. He walked past Mia and Candice. He tried to avoid eye contact with the two girls and to ignore every word they would say.

There was no need to run. Running away would make Mia want to shoot him even more. As if he had anything to hide. But he had nothing to hide. He just calmly walked away. If he was shot, he would be shot. Just like when he woke up.

But he did not want to be shot.

Alessio stared at the floor of the corridor. He had the girls behind his back. They could shoot him. His heart raced. He did not look back.

Serena, Mia, Candice. Words could be ignored. He could just exit this and arrive in a much more comfortable scenario than this.

He really hoped he could exit this without being shot in the back. Ignore them.

Please, let me live.

Just go away.

((Alessio Rigano continued in 4'33"))
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