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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Already snapped, huh?"

The possibility seemed a little rough to consider. If anybody had already gone off the deep end and started killing, then they were already some sort of pre-established serial killer. Always fun to know that some of his classmates were just budding little Mike Myers and Jason Vorhees...es. Vorheeseseseses. Man, that word sounded so weird to make plural, even in his head.

Shit, even he had considered going all stab-happy New Jack on Nadia's ass. One person down, perfect chance to strike. Jerry looked at his knife and imagined all the blood and gore. Despite his best efforts to picture it, he couldn't make it seem more violent or reprehensible than your average horror movie.

So why hadn't he already stabbed her? It'd be so easy. She didn't particularly look strong, the fact she wasn't armed was almost advertised on her forehead for how often it had been mentioned here in the cabin. Was it a bad strategic move? Or maybe, just maybe, Jerry Fury had to acknowledge he was being a bit of a pussy.

Nah, can't be that one. We'll figure it out later.

Jerry closed the knife. "Well, grab a hold of something and let's vamoose. I don't think we're getting anything useful. So you wanna be Table Leg Samurai? Be my guest. I'll meet you outside.

((Our Lord and Savior Jeremiah Fury continued elsewhere))
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