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If Dorothy was dreaming before her awakening by a hug from Asha, she couldn't remember anything about it. Either it was a dreamless, restless sleep or she was just like a robot who's switch was turned off. In both cases, it was her turn to watch the shadows come alive and to hear her allies snore. As soon as Asha took her couch, she fell asleep, her eyes shut tight and she stopped moving. Not in a dead way but in a I'm-tired-and-I-want-sleep way.

Dorothy could faintly see her chest raise and lower in the darkness.

She stayed there for a while, staying close to Wayne and Asha. She didn't want to be eaten by the darkness in front of her. This darkness made her feel like she didn't have her glasses on, everything that was far was blurred, hidden, shadowed, scary. She wanted to open her bag and get a flashlight, but after a minute of reflection, she decided it was a bad idea. If someone saw a light flashing through the window, maybe that someone could come in. What if that person wanted to fight, what would she do? If Nancy came back angry, would she just let her friends take the axe for her?

No, she wouldn't. So that's why she didn't open her flashlight before setting off in the darkness.

She was scared by the place. During the day, there was light. You could see ahead of you, around you, plan your movement. But in the night, the only thing certain was the unknown you will meet. She tried to remember the layout from the time she spent awake, but she still took it slowly. Very slowly like a snail crawling on a wall.

She touched the shelves, the walls, the tables to move herself around. She was lucky, she didn't knock anything over, tearing the silence of the night. The absence of sounds was the scariest part of it. The darkness was just a hidding place, the sounds were its monster. The things that go bump in the night were not friendly, but she kept going deeper and deeper and darker and darker in the forest of knowledge.

She finally reached the end, and with that, took a random book off the shelves. She had to remind herself not to drop it, in fear of making a noise or that the darkness will steal it away. She clutched it, hugging it like her favorite plushtoy. She thought about her little bunny sitting on the corner of her bed for years, being the lighthouse in her room guiding her to her bed. Even though it was dusty, and appropriately named Dusty, the little beast still did her job of protecting her mistress's sleep.

Dot made her way back on the path she made.

If this was real life, Dorothy would have been sleeping, not standing guard.

If this was real life, Dorothy wouldn't think about the set of rules that were constricting around her neck

If this was real life, Dorothy would have been thinking about something else than the bloodied clothes of Nancy.

If nobody was murdered by another student then all of their collars would blow up, killing all the kids on the island.

And Dot was still hugging her knees while looking in the darkness.

Then that means someone was dead and they had a killer. This meant somebody decided to play the game and to hurt someone else. This meant someone out there was ready to kill someone else for their own's sake, and they have done it.

''I think therefore I am'' was not real in the game. Those people didn't think, those people didn't care, these people were just hurting other people for no other reasons than their selfish need to survive. She understood that last part, but she didn't think people would actually give up on everything they have learned.

''I am therefore I think'' was more fitting.

It started by a little push, then to a moderate shove, to a heavy shaking. Wayne, however, was still sleeping like a log. He had his eyes shut, his mouth open, breathing. In the darkness, he looked like he did in the light, just faded.

Dorothy couldn't stand it anymore: the darkness and the silence were driving her insane. She didn't even want to sleep, she wasn't even tired. She was running on adrenaline and whatever they put in those bars. The latter tasted kinda okay, it wasn't the best snack she has ever eaten, but it was good enough. It didn't stop the night from crawling toward her, though.

Sleep was the only escape from the monsters around her. She wanted to have some sleep to escape to a better world that wasn't hers. She just wanted to close her eyes and to stop thinking about anything so she could dream about everything.

''Hey, it's your turn Wayne...''
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