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Bradley smiled. With a skip in his step, he threw a cheesy grin on his face, and made to follow Alba. Ah, she was sweet. Poor girl mustn't know his reputation. Everybody knew Bradley, Bradley was sure of that, so this girl probably had the social connections of an Inuit otaku. Not to intentionally sound egocentric, but Bradley loved the idea of someone not knowing who he was. Made him a blank slate. A tabula rasa.

And he would be honest. That was his virtue. He could just exploit their ignorance, hide the fact he had more in common with BoJack Horseman or Diogenes than some Pollyanna. It wouldn't be smart, anyway. Bryony'd probably blow his cover. Poor Bryony was acting all shy and meek, like she always did around him. Maybe it was her temperament, maybe it was the whole context of a death island (which, yeah, still hadn't sunk in it, his constant verbal banter kept it relegated), but yeah, he was pretty sure it was.

Throwing a smile over his shoulder to invite Bryony to follow, Bradley got going.

((Bradley continued in This Be The Verse.))
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