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Hazel looked back at Jordan quizzically and back to Tara. She thought that more people, calm people, would have been better. It wasn't something she wanted to press, though. Hazel had Jordan at least and if Tara wanted to leave, she could. At least she seemed unhurt and wasn't in need of any additional assistance.

"Sure, good luck to you too" she called out after Tara.

Hazel sighed, letting the nerves out of her system. Taking a big breath was an old trick for stage fright. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and smiled.

"It could have gone worse, I think?" she added.

Jordan made a move to go. Hazel took one last look around, and then noticed he'd already gone to leave. She took hold of the strap of her bag and nodded, following after him with a short hop to catch up.

((Hazel continued in We're Here Because We're Here))

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