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Josh had died.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued from Two Mules for Sister Sara))

Jeremy had learned about that a couple minutes ago. He closed his eyes slightly, looked down. It seemed right. He didn’t have a watch or anything and he never would but around fifteen minutes or so seemed right. He had been alone since he had left the church. Alone to ruminate in the thoughts he wanted to keep himself away from. At least, he was stuck there until the outside became cold. Then his thoughts changed to him trying to find a suitable place to sleep. He found a place. A room with a giant mirror in it. That worked for him well enough. It was fairly easy. Once he closed his eyes he didn’t have to keep them there for long. All his thoughts were drifting away then, images slowly replacing them. He couldn’t tell you what they were. He couldn’t really remember that well.

The next thing he knew, the speaker was clearing. The man that had given the presentation the day before started speaking. Reading off the names of those who died.

It was… okay. For the most part. There wasn’t a real way that he could give what he thought without sounding horrible. He knew that people had to die. He knew that people were going to die. So, when the names of the dead came up, Jeremy was slightly relieved at who they were. They were… neutrals. People Jeremy honestly didn’t really care about. Abby stung, just that tiniest bit, but the names after - Conrad, Rea - were able to push him back. They weren’t really names that he liked all that much, in all honesty. Did Jeremy want them to die? No. That was a stupid question, but if he had the choice between them and a friend of his, he didn’t think it would be too much of a decision.

And then Josh’s name was listed among the dead and everything came crashing back.

His fists had clenched. His breathing had changed. He could feel the verges of tears and anger on his skin and in his body, because fuck, Josh was already dead. Not one day in and one of his closest friends was already gone. Stabbed. Killed. He was a face that Jeremy would never see again and now Jeremy would never get that closure that he wanted and needed because he knew he was going to die and he knew that he had no shot and the best thing that could happen in this goddamn place was that he’d get something out of it and now he couldn’t and he couldn’t think properly because he could see the images and he could hear the names of the dead and he woke up on that beach and he stared at the sky and he couldn’t-

Think. He couldn’t think properly. He couldn’t stay calm. He knew he needed to, especially at that point because they were watching and if he couldn’t he’d be giving the people on the cameras what they wanted, but he couldn’t.

And you know what the worst part of it was? He was dead. That was obviously the worst part but there was one part that stung just that little bit harder. Jasmine. She was the one who killed him. No, not the snooty underclassman. The person that always hung out with Cadeyn. The person who followed her everywhere she went and gave her all the attention she craved and enabled her just because she was on the bottom with her. Her bitch, basically. Puppy dog. Just did what she did. Just reminded him of other times. Worse times. The time when he wasn’t him and he wasn’t thinking and no.

He just had to think. Stay calm. Josh was dead.

That meant that he just had to find the rest faster.

He had a list to fulfill, after all.

He had walked around, since then. Explored the place. He was… as fine as he could be. Bitter. Sad. Annoyed. Maybe a little bit of determination underneath that. Josh died, but there was a slight positive side to that, right? This was just all an act to give him some goddamn motivation to find the rest of his soon to be dead friends! It’d be all okay once he did that! It wouldn’t even matter that one of his best friends died before Jeremy got a chance to say goodbye to him! Never mind the fact that he was probably going to brutally die within the next two weeks or so. He’d do it, and it’d all be just fine and dandy.

He knew that it wouldn’t work out. He knew that he wouldn’t succeed, as he walked and saw the person in the room with the corpse. He jumped, slightly. Stopped. Took a closer look. The dead person in the room was Conrad, it seemed. Looking at him… he supposed he was sorry for what he was thinking about him earlier. That was all he could cover, as he recognised the person standing above him. Alex Tarquin. Someone he recognised the face of, not someone he knew much more than that though. Well, that wasn’t fair. Jeremy knew of him, considering he was one of the people who had killed a person yesterday.

One part of Jeremy said to get away and hope that Alex didn’t see him. He was a murderer, after all. It’d probably be best that Jeremy not die before he was able to find another one of his friends.

The other part wasn't really interested in that option. He was a murderer, after all. It’d be interesting to get that perspective. Figure out why, so long as Alex didn’t try to stab him, either.

Two options. Each with their own benefits. No real drawbacks to each. There was one he was leaning a little towards, however.

He had a list to fulfill, after all.

He walked up, behind one of the walls. Alex voiced out a comment about the corpse.

Jeremy figured that he could make a decent enough entrance.

“I presume that you’d understand it a little better than I would.”
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