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Once Emma had untangled herself from Amanda, she noted how her legs still felt a little wobbly. Her eyes still felt exhausted and unfocused. But again, it was an improvement. Her steps were more steady.

“Oh, and uh… thanks, by the way,” she said, a small smile on her face.

Amanda had tried to open a door, and… it wouldn’t budge? Emma guessed it was rusted shut, or maybe it was locked. By who, though? She didn’t want to think about that. Maybe just that: rusted. Emma clasped her hands in front of her, hoping it was just so old that opening it would be difficult. Sure, some part of her wanted to find someone friendly, or her cousins and sister.

Lucilly had approached another door, but suddenly stopped. Emma couldn’t see her face, but the silence set her on edge. Emma had a bad feeling. Lucilly pointed her flashlight towards the ground, and while Emma couldn’t see what she was looking at, she seemed to tense up. Emma felt her own muscles tense up when Lucilly started shouting and Jaime cursed.

“Blood?” she asked, her voice going high.

Someone got hurt here. Who, she didn’t know, and she couldn’t see the blood for herself. But it was fresh, recent blood. Blood could mean anything. Her own blood started pounding. It only got worse when Lucilly started to run the other way.

“Hey, wait!” Emma yelled.

Lucilly, Lucilly was running, and someone had to go after her. Emma felt her own legs moving. Her footsteps stomped underneath her, but there was one problem. That problem was her legs weren’t entirely steady yet. She felt her foot trip a bit, making her balance uneven. Her right hand used the wall for support as she tried to catch up to her. Her legs felt like they were made of jello. She didn’t want Lucilly to get hurt, or lost, or-

“Lucilly! Wait!”

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