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“You’re welcome.”

And then Scout left. She didn’t seem to be too good. Maybe just straight up telling her that he had seen her person of unknown connection get hit with an axe wasn’t the smartest idea after all.

And you wonder why it’s suddenly so hard for you to talk to people, Jeremy.

But now the both of them were alone. The both of them being Jeremy and Alice. Had she spoken since he had entered? He didn’t know. Wait, he did know. She landed dibs on this place tonight a little bit ago, before Scout asked him if he had seen Clarice. He knew her, a little bit. He now definitely remembered having a conversation with her. Probably in the music room. It didn’t really go that well. Chalk that up to the normal case of Jeremy honestly not being that good at really conversing at other people. There was the option to talk again right in front of him, but he wasn’t really sure that was a good idea. She wanted to be alone, and the last time they tried he felt kinda awkward. Stilted.

It wouldn’t really help him get his mind off his thoughts.

He looked behind him. Scout was out of sight.

There were people out there that knew him better. Who he could talk to easier. Who he wanted to at least have that talk one last time. He knew that. Maybe they could distract him. At least for a bit. Keep him in the good and light mood that he wanted. That he needed. He knew that this was probably a big island, but who knew. It was a chance.

He turned his head back to Alice.

A better chance than remaining here, at the very least.

“Well, you said that you wanted this place to yourself, so I’ll leave it to you, then.”

He turned around, sending his arm out in a wave.

“See you around, hopefully.”

((Jeremy Frasier, continued in This World Belongs to the Mad))
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