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Nancy's reaction was, well, fair. Asha had hoped for the best, but she supposed that not everyone was as keen on being complimented by strange goth girls as she would be. No one had been hurt, at least, so they could chalk that whole mess up as a draw.

Oh, it would have been so easily for her to take a parting shot, too. One straight to Asha's forehead, thud, wouldn't even need to get up for that one. The sudden brutality of it would have likely given Nancy ample time to wrench the axehead free with a sickening splut, leaving Asha's corpse slumped lifeless against the wall. Dot probably wouldn't have handled that well at all, so another whack or two for her would get the job done without much fuss. Wayne, he was more of a wildcard. Asha was still never quite sure how he was holding up. The outcome there could be left up to artistic interpretation.

Thankfully, that beautiful carnage stayed nothing but a thought. Asha had no real taste for gore, but the visceral words that came with it were oh-so-appealing to spice up a conversation. Back in reality, Asha looked towards her friends, sighed in relief. Felt the tension she'd been ignoring slip away. Things could have gone poorly, to say the least.

Risking herself, well, that was just came with the territory, didn't it? Asha didn't have any regrets there. Dot and Wayne, though? Asha hadn't watched their backs at all, hadn't made sure they were ready for whatever pain might have launched itself at them. She'd done a disservice to Nancy, too. She was out in the harsh sunlight again, where she could easily get hurt or worse, hurt again. Asha didn't feel guilty, personal responsibility was a thing, but still. She could've done better, picked her words more carefully. She would do better next time.

In the end, they all agreed that Wayne's plan sounded like a good idea; and that they'd stay in the library for the rest of the night. They knew it was empty, now; and the couches provided a legitimate place to sleep, besides. Asha volunteered to take first watch. She still felt fine, and she had to make sure she didn't neglect the comfort of the people right in front of her, either.

Time passed. It was hard to judge how much, but Asha had wanted to make sure she saw the moon, in case anything went south while she was sleeping. Not full, unfortunately, but it still comforted her. When they were all dead, when SOTF faded to just a chapter in a history book and nature finished reclaiming her islands, the moon would still be the same. Humans really were lucky bastards, to be able to exist at the same time as such an ethereal, timeless beauty. Not eternal, of course, but close enough for their short purposes.

Asha looked at her sleeping companions. Marveled at how vulnerable the sleeping human form was. Considered how easy it'd be for her to cut their dreams into ribbons, and was grateful for the person she was; to be able to let such a thought pass her by without a fight, without a tug of temptation.

When it was finally Dot's turn to stand guard (Asha had held out for as long as she could) Asha woke her friend gently. When she was up, Asha gave her a long, firm hug before plopping down onto her couch.

She faintly hoped that she would dream of a masquerade of smiling horrors, of nightmares that had forgotten their original purpose and had gone soft around the edges but still did their best.
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