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Just as Candice had been about to vocalize her doubts that there was any point in trying to talk any further, there was a voice from behind the door. It was... well, if they were getting a response it was at least some kind of progress. They still weren't exactly being welcomed with open arms, but them finally having their presence acknowledged was rather nice.

For that matter, it was probably unrealistic to expect anybody to just roll out the welcome mats for Candice and Mia without having some kind of ulterior motive. Finding somebody who was initially guarded and suspicious of them was probably the best they could hope for.

"It's just me and Mia out here," she called to the person behind the door.

Having said that, the words now sounded stupid. She'd thought it would be a good idea to speak up and confirm it was her and Mia, but fumbled when thinking of what to say, and in the end she'd basically just ended up repeating what Mia had just said. It wouldn't really work as reassurance, either, because from the perspective of the people on the other side of the wall there could be others who just weren't speaking up.

Speaking of others who weren't speaking up, there'd been absolutely nothing from this Al person. No greeting, no response... hell, the girl who had responded hadn't even made mention of him. Maybe Mia had just been mistaken when she thought she'd heard him?

"Who all's in there with you?"
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