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Wayne had almost tried to grab her, too.

When Nancy darted past all three of them, that had been his first instinct. To stop her, to lock her arms, something, anything that could have made her wait and just let Asha get through to her. He could have done something right; he could have done something worth someone else's time.

Of course, it had been a stupid idea, and only the speed of Nancy's exit saved him. It just took him a few seconds afterwards to realize the only thing he would have gotten them was an axe to the face. No - not them. Him. He would have gotten an axe to the face, and he probably would have died.

Death again, even as the panic started to fade out. Inescapable.

He let out a long breath, thinking about all the different ways that situation could have broken down or could have gone terribly wrong, all the different ways they could have died - each of them, one after another, like dominoes, or soldiers walking down a sniper's alley. And Asha was going to keep doing this, going to keep trying to do right even if this happened again and again and again?

Perhaps they were all thinking the same thing. He didn't think he should ask.

"I dunno," Wayne finally said, and moved to the side of the room, to try to gauge the daylight remaining out of one of the windows. "Hole up somewhere for the evening, I guess. Even if we wanted to go after her... probably going to get too dark to find anyone soon."

The words came easily, in a sort of muted calm. It helped that he was facing away from them, so he no longer had to hide the doubt on his face.
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