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Dorothy was about to parrot Asha like a puppet. She was about to open her mouth and tell Nancy how her hair was pretty. Even though Dot found them only obnoxious and if she was honest, she'd recommend the blue-haired girl to dye it something else than blue. Maybe purple? Dorothy loved purple, but it was too late for friendly tips, Nancy was already running.

She just got up, took her bag, and ran as if she was set on fire, trying to find a water source to jump in. Did they say something wrong? They had to say something that scared her away, that made her run, the only thing that could have done that is, well, nothing. Nothing they had done did that, the reason of Nancy's escape was unknown to Dorothy.

Maybe it was because of the blood on her hands and on her clothes that made her run. Whoever was hurt must be out there, in pain. She wanted to leave the library and go find them. Help them and take care of them, and make sure they wouldn't be hurt no more. Yet she couldn't do anything else than watch as Nancy bolted out of the place.

She ran and ran, leaving the scene and the trio behind them. She left them here, in place where hollowness reigned, where the only thoughts they had were about her and her bloodied clothes and blue hair. Her hair, her skin, the blood, the image of her laying down, the picture of her running: they were all in Dorothy's head.

She didn't want to think about it, but it happened. She wanted to be nice, to be soft, to be caring, yet she ran away. She felt guilt wrapping itself around her heart and choking it. Maybe she was overthinking it, or maybe it was right, but Dorothy's perception of Nancy changed from a thing, a monster crawling on the floor, to an innocent, scared victim that just wanted to live.

Nancy had a normal reaction. Dorothy tried to put herself in her shoes, she imagined how would she feel if she hurt someone badly, how bad she would feel. Maybe that's what Nancy felt like, felt as if she deserved the pain she was receiving.

But Dot thought about the axe, and all of these sympathetic thoughts about Nancy left her body as Nancy fled the scene. It was replaced by fear. A fear so deep that Dorothy felt her soul ache as she thought about it.

She was scared she ran away, but she was even more scared if she came back for revenge. She had an axe, one move and Dot'd be gone, and Asha too, and Wayne also. She could have killed one of them right there, right now. She could have even ended her own life. Those thoughts ran through her mind, screaming at her to run away like she did, but she anchored herself in the ground.

She wouldn't leave, she wouldn't give up as long as she had people around her, she wouldn't - no, could not - leave them behind.

''Uh... What do we do now?''

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