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Caleb waited as close to the helicopter as he could, biting on his index finger and holding his breath. The helicopter groaned and he instinctively reached out, but stopped, and Maria continued to move. She must have decided she had pushed her luck far enough and Caleb wasn't disinclined to agree.

She jumped out and he grabbed her by the arms, helping guide her back on to the helipad's concrete floor.

"Good work!"

He took the cigarette out of his pocket and traded it for the rope she'd recovered.

"You earned it."

After setting up a trip wire at the one entrance they started to get settled in for the night. There were no watches or shifts, Caleb would stay up by the door because he had no other choice. They said their goodnights and he was alone again.

It was positively maddening. At least at home he had the internet and video games to district him when he couldn't sleep, prior to being properly medicated. There was nothing now. For some time he looked up at the clear sky to the constellations and tried to find as many as he could. It was quiet except for the sound of the ocean and the occasional seagull cry. He would doze for a short time, but slept incredibly lightly. By the time the sun rose, he had hardly ever been happier to see anything in his life.

Caleb sighed and rubbed the bottom of his eyes. They were half-lidded and his head hurt a little bit. While he was stretching, he heard a voice wash over the island. He listened, noting the murderers and shocked to hear Kimiko's name among them. Even more surprising was that A) She'd won the "best" kill, B ) She was supposed to come to where he was and C ) If he stayed where he was he'd be executed immediately.

"Maria, wakeup. We have to get out of here," he said shaking the girl.

He started throwing his supplies back into his bag and rolled up the rope, putting it in his pack and zipping it up.

He had to find Kimiko, talk to her at least. They were friends, good friends. But what if that didn't hold any weight?

You're going out on a limb here, he though somewhat groggily.

He thought about he and Kimiko hanging out together after school and felt gutted and nauseated. It was undoubtedly a risk to go find her. Thinking that he might put his trust in her and have her reject it was more painful than the idea of being stabbed.

People never pass up the opportunity to take your faith, put its teeth on a curb and smash its brains in when given the chance.

He wanted to be able to trust her.

"I'm going to wait nearby for Kimiko. If you don't want to, I totally understand."

((Caleb Diamond continued in Robber Barons))

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