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And then, he was alone. Just like that.

Jasper and Henry went in one direction, and Coleen went in another. He had a choice staring him dead in the face, looking at him with beady eyes that would cut straight through to his soul.

Why rush things, though? Why not take the time to look out at the surf a little bit more, and enjoy nature a bit? It was just another day, after all. No need to rush things. Arthur bent down to sit on the sand...

...and stopped just short of the ground.

With a deep sigh, he picked himself up again. The color in anything he looked at now had faded away, leaving but a shadow of its former self.

He had to come to terms with reality. It couldn't get much closer than this.

Henry and Jasper had each other. They had started this together. Arthur had just gone along for the ride.

Coleen was all alone, but she wasn't undergoing a mental breakdown like Henry had been through just then. What if it had yet to happen? What if it was happening right this moment, and Arthur was powerless to stop it?

There was a third option, too. He could walk his own way, away from both parties, and distance himself from the memory of ever finding them. Start again, once more, from the top, with goals in mind. Getting out of here. Experiencing life. All the things he hadn't been through before.

Watching Marie grow up. Being there for her.


She was watching him, right now. He was sure of it. He didn't know where the cameras were, but he knew for a fact that she'd be watching over him every step of the way. This decision wasn't his alone to make at all. He had God above, and, somewhere across the seas, the eyes of his sister, watching over him.

Well, there was more than one set of eyes watching from above.

There was his mom, after all.

"I'm hopeless," He confessed to himself, scratching at his face, feeling the small bumps and craters in his skin. Arthur shook his head lightly.

There wasn't anything left to consider. He knew where he had to go. He began to walk after Coleen, then broke into a run after a few paces. He wasn't fooling himself anymore.

He just hoped the cameras didn't pick up how badly his shoulders were trembling as he ran.

[Arthur Bernstein continued in This Be The Verse.]
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