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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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He looked like he was losing his mind.

That was what Coleen wanted to say about Henry, but there was no polite way to say it that didn't come across as abrasive or rude. She thought it amazing that she was still concerned with erudite mannerisms on a concocted death island, but she supposed that her behavior wasn't about to drastically snap around and change within just a few hours of being on this rock out in the middle of the ocean. Henry didn't seem to be holding up to this reality very well at all, running off for no reason. Then again, she herself was just considering taking a permanent bath, and perhaps Henry was always like this. She wasn't terribly familiar with him, so there was no telling.

"I... oh, huh, you asked me something... sorry!" Coleen rambled before exclaiming her apology. "Librar- uh, the library. A dusty library just up the way, so it sounds like maybe I walked a little further."

She was finding it hard to listen to Arthur as she watched Jasper go after Henry. The surprise on her face was plainly visible when Henry pushed off and made a break for who-knows-where, and the pit of her stomach was telling her bad things about that guy. She couldn't quite put her finger on what those things were but... none of it sounded pleasing. Did she stay with these three or go her own way, deciding what to do?

Tough call. Coleen decided, for once, to be a leader. She diverted away from Henry and Jasper, heading for a more direct approach along the high edge of the shoreline instead of going down over the rocks like the boys. She'd leave it to Arthur who to follow. If he followed, she had some company. If he didn't...

Well, she supposed that was fine, too.

((Coleen Reagan, continued in This Be the Verse))
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