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Brendan had stayed awake for a lot time to keep an eye on Jonathan and the area around them. How many hours had it been? He suddenly realized that the shard of glass was in his hood's pocket that Jonathan was wearing. He knew that he should be worried about it. But Jonathan was asleep and he didn't want to bother him. He could always tell Jonathan about it when it was time for him to wake up. It looked like it was the morning now. How long could he stay awake like this? Brendan could feel his eyes starting to droop. He was too exhausted to stay awake anymore.

Then a voice made him jolt up with a start. Was it coming from the speakers? No way. There was an announcement starting and he needed a moment to calm his heart racing. He needed to wake Jonathan up as well. They both needed to hear this. As much as Brendan didn't want to. They needed to know what was happening.

Brendan reached out with his hand and he shook Jonathan's shoulder as gently as he could. "Jonathan, h-hey! Jonathan! Wake up...! The-the announcement is starting...!" He said to him quietly and he could feel his heart going heavy. He felt upset about it. "This.... This is just.... I-I can't...."

There were quite a few people who were already dead and Brendan just felt like crying for them. Even the ones that he didn't really know. But he couldn't do that right now. He had to be brave for Jonathan and himself. And there were some killers as well. People were really desperate to get out of this place. Brendan just didn't know how to feel about that. And there was a danger zone that got announced. Brendan knew that they were both safe for now. But for how long?

"I....I hate this...."
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