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((Skipping for the same reason))

The shove caught Jasper by surprise. One moment he was over Henry, the next he was knocked onto his rear end. He stared blankly up at the other boy in shock, who immediately turned and ran.

Why’d he do that?

He sat there and watched Henry run, his heart sinking further as he got farther and farther away. They were supposed to stick together and survive, or at least spend their last days together in peace. What was wrong? Had he done something wrong? Jasper didn’t know if Henry was touchy, but running off because of it was a bit too much.

Jasper slowly rose to his feet, stepping forward to try and follow. However, his foot caught something, and he stumbled. He looked back on what he’d tripped on, and his eyes widened.

Henry's bag.

His head swiveled back in the direction Henry had run off in, but he was nowhere in sight. Jasper didn’t know why Henry had left, or if he should follow, but now he knew he had to. He just couldn’t leave Henry out there on his own. Especially without his supplies.

Jasper quickly picked up the bag and took off running again, hoping that he could catch up.

((Jasper Bustamante continued in St. Patrick's Purgatory))
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