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Brendan sat down besides Jonathan and told him he would stay. Not only that, he offered to give him his hoodie. Jonathan hadn't thought about it at the time, but he was getting cold. Brendan trusted Jonathan, he'd stay with him. Jonathan thanked Brendan and took the jacket, zipping it up over him. Brendan had trusted Jonathan, and Jonathan had trusted Brendan, and right now, that was all that mattered. That would be enough. Jonathan never realized when he fell asleep mere moments later.

Jonathan awoke back in his cell, it was dark, but there were small lights glowing in and out. Oh no... No, no, no, no no! Jonathan ran to the door and beat on it. This couldn't have all been a dream! It couldn't have been, he can't be back here! This wasn't good! No, they couldn't have left him here, they didn't did they?! Was all that happened a dream?! Footsteps in the distance, Jonathan cried out, but a loudspeaker drowned him out.

Our first casualty of the festivities was Jennifer Su. Friendly reminder not to play on the edge of bridges, guys.

"Please, please let me out!" Jonathan banged on the door.

Up next, Nancy Kyle took it upon herself to take an axe to Scarlett McAfee. Ten points for guessing what happens when hatchet meets human body.

Jonathan continued screaming, the footsteps got closer, but they didn't move much faster.

If you ever wondered who would be a bad person to run into in a dark room, well, you have your answer in Kimiko Kao. You have Cristóbal Morales to thank for making that discovery for all of you. I'll pass his corpse your regards.

The footsteps where right there before they stopped. The door began to slide open, slowly.

Speaking of playing around in high places, Barry Banks stepped a little too close to the edge and Alvaro Vacanti gave him a helping hand over it. Whoops.

The door opened, Alvaro was standing on the other end. That same stare, those same bruises, but something was different. He had a gun. Barry's gun. Jonathan backed away, but there was only the wall behind him. The light behind Alvaro was almost blinding, he became a silhouette the farther Jonathan backed away. Once he hit the wall, another light came into view, starting from the arm holding Barry's gun...

Brendan woke Jonathan up just in time, he was trying to get his attention. The announcements, they're starting.
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