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At first, the situation went from one side Jerry didn't want to think about. The whole part of having sex and being intimate was the scariest part of a relationship. It was scary because it involved trust, it involved two people caring about each other. The attachement, the closeness, the openess was a major turn off for Jerry. Not because he didn't care about being in a relationship, but he was scared of being hurt.

So when Michael understood what he meant and not the sex part, a weight was lifted off his shoulders.

But that's where Michael started to become annoying. He talked as if he was in a fucking movie. Oh gosh, he wondered if Michael was able to hear himself talk sometime. He was talking and talking, rambling like a mad man. He wasn't just rambling like a mad man, he was a mad man.

While the whole monologue, Jerry just clenched his jaw and waited for his monologue to end. He needed to stop acting as if he was Rambo or something like that. When Michael shoved his axe in a nearby trunk, Jerry took the signal to raise his fists up. He was not seeing red, but he wasn't seeing white either.

This whole time, he listened to Michael's this and Michael's that. Jerry loved silence and people who were quiet and not screaming all the time. Basically, Michael's, despite being a very charming individual with a lot of potential, behaviors were getting on Jerry's nerve.

As he stood before his living antithesis, Jerry waited for that one moment where Michael would stop talking. Just waiting and when Michael was done, Jerry started swinging. Softly while muttering ''sorry'' and ''oh gosh'' as he waved his fists around.
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