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It was for the best they didn't want to share in his tobacco fixation. More for him, of course, and he flashed them genuine smiles of obliged gratitude as they conveyed their polite refusals. He loved how semi-apologetic people could get when refusing a little cancer stick. They should be fucking smug about how they had the mental fortitude, the grit and mettle, the emotional wherewithal, to refuse a little indulgence, even in such stressful times such as these.

"Well, not like lung cancer is exactly something we gotta worry about." He clicked his tongue, again a filler as he thought of another witty one-liner, again wanting to keep control of the proverbial talking stick as he pondered what next to say. Had to maintain his comedic flow. The simplicity of not having to worry about the long-term was liberating, and Bradley intended to make the most of that.

"I mean, there's a lot we ain't gotta worry about now. Pensions. Game of Thrones spoilers. China owning everything. Global warming chaos. The end of free speech. Terroris-well, I guess we gotta worry about that one." He hoped that that list of threats would help convey to Bryony, at least, that he was keeping his same ol' impious, iconoclastic attitude. He was holding his shit together, he was still himself, so hey, less pressure on her to act tough. This shit was survivable.

"And sure, I won't smoke near the docks." He would interpret her literally. Why wouldn't he? Teach her a lesson about being exact. "Gotta say, it's an act of mighty selflessness that you're still worried about natural beauty, even though we ain't got future offspring to worry about passing it down to."

"Anyway, yeah, let's go!"
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