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And then they were gone.

Trav wasn't sure what he was supposed to feel about Jae and Vanessa's exit but he supposed relief was acceptable. He hadn't a problem with them staying but he had a problem with them seemingly believing he hadn't realised what was going on. He knew full well his situation but there was more to life than stress and panic. He refused to believe any other way. Maybe refusal was too strong a word but Trav wasn't sure. Life was strange now.

Cass had asked him a question and Trav had no honest idea how to answer it. They couldn't go back to sitting on the roof and pretending like nothing had happened. Their safe haven had been utterly destroyed by the intrusion.

The best response Trav could offer was a shrug.

"I guess we wait here for a bit and then move somewhere else."

The sun was up and the roof had lost it's magic.
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