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Maria edged into the helicopter, one feet on the edge of the metal, then two. The stucture shifted and groaned as she stepped on it, and she froze.

As slowly as possible, she inched her way across the floor until she reached the bundle of rope hanging out of a locker. Carefully, she kneeled down to take it out, then froze as the chopper adjusted itself. Carefully standing back up, she reached for the rope without bending over. One finger slipped inside the loop, then another one. It was like playing a game of pick-up sticks, except pick-up sticks that could end in your death.

As she pulled it out, the entire chopper groaned and turned, sending a blanket spinning out into the sea. Panicking, she scooped up the thermos flask and dashed across the desk, practically jumping onto Caleb.
"The most impossibly fucking scary fucking thing that i've ever fucking done."
"I'm pretty sure I've just about used up my allotment of fear, forever."
You don't win the game of death by dying first. The name's a little misleading.

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