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They had said his name.

((Alvaro Vacanti, continued from Would You Believe? This Isnít Me.))

On the loudspeakers. The speakers on the walls around him that had crackled to life seemingly randomly. He had stopped where he was standing as soon as he began to hear it. He sat down. He heard the man talk. Say some things about how everyone listening was still alive. He didnít want to listen, he knew that he wasnít going to like what he was going to hear, but he knew that he couldnít just block it out or cover his ears. He was here. On this island. Playing this game. He knew that no matter how much he just wanted to not be here and to not be hearing this and to just ignore it that he couldnít. He had to. There was no going out of this. No going back. He didnít want toÖ he didnít want to do it again. He didnít want to come close to the situation of doing it again, but now that he had, he knew that he had to do something about it. So he sat down. He listened.

He looked down as the man on the speakers listed Scarlett as among the dead. He knew that it didnít mean anything, he knew that nobody was here to see it, but he didnít know. It was the right thing to do. If she was here - if anyone was here - he would still do it. She was a friend. Someone who helped him, back with Darius at the supermarket. He knew that she deserved better than this.

Those thoughts dissipated, though, as the man on the speakers listed Barry as among the dead, and him as among the killers.

Now they knew.

Now Lily knew.

His eyes didnít leave the floor.

He heard the rest of the names. The dead. The killers. Jasmine, his friend, was among the latter list. Josh was, too. Killed by Jasmine. He didnít know why. They didnít say why.

He knew that they deserved better.

Eventually, the man stopped speaking, and silence filled the room once again. Alvaro stood up. Looked around. HeÖ didnít know what this place was. There was a chair. Like the ones in the prisons he saw on the movie screen. The ones where they killed people on. There was a movie. He remembered watching it with his parents and uncle one Friday night. About a guy in a prison. It ended, andÖ he knew his mom cried. His uncle cried as well. He was pretty sure he also cried, and-

He had to get out of here. The place was creepy. Weird. And they knew what they did. They would come. He knew it. So he picked up his bag, and-

Wait. No. That was right. There was another bag.

He turned himself around, towards the chair, and started heading to the back of the room.
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