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Bart opened his bag and searched for his map. If they were going to travel, then they needed a clear destination in mind, or at the very least a general area they wanted to aim for. He pulled it out and finished unfolding it before holding it up and scanning their options. He slowly steadied his breathing. If he wanted to be helpful, or more importantly, survive, then he needed to calm himself down and act rationally.

He studied the map, trying to find a good path for them to take. He glanced over a few areas multiple times before setting his sights on one specific part of the island. He moved the map about an inch closer to his face and his eyes opened a bit more. He had an idea. It might even be a good one.

"So if we want to avoid people heading for the bell tower..." He narrated verbally, broadcasting his thoughts to Kizi and Jennifer in the process. "We'll want to leave quickly, since the asylum is very close to it." he pointed to the area east of the asylum. "There's a whole lot of areas across the bridge that look like they would attract people, so we can probably expect a lot of foot traffic coming from that direction."

Bart raised his head and turned his map around so the girls could see it. "But there aren't a lot of high-traffic areas to the south, see?" He directed his finger to the area of the map that he was referring to. "If we want to stay away from people, then the best way to do that is by going where there probably won't be many people to run into, right?"

He moved his map so both of the girls could see it. He hoped that he had managed to make a good point somewhere along his train of logic. However, in his zeal to explain his idea, he hadn't noticed Jennifer's attention falling to Kizi's bag. Bart's eyebrows drooped as he surveyed the increasingly tense scene.

"Hey, is everything all right?"
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