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((Skipping to leave the thread.))

She wouldn't come any closer.

Nancy felt like she should have been relieved by that. Nancy closed her eyes, her judgment lapsing for a few seconds before she realized where she was. They popped open again, half expecting the other three to pounce on her.

But they hadn't moved.

That's when Asha complimented her hair. Whatever purpose that Asha had with that statement, all it did was raise Nancy's suspicion.

"What? Why..." Nancy started, but then shut her mouth.

There was definitely something wrong here. This was unnatural.

That's when it hit her. They were planning something.

And it was back to her wanting them to leave. But there were three of them, and only one of her. Even if she tried to...

Scarlett's face flashed across her mind.

No, there was only one way out of this: the literal way out of this.

Nancy suddenly grabbed her bag, jumped upright, and bolted past the three other students.

((Nancy Kyle continued in 見てください.))
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