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Kaitlyn hated getting her feet wet, hated soggy shoes, but for this, she'd make an exception.

Because as the water started flowing over her ankles, her heart sped up and she looked out of the cove to the open sea.

That half-smile again.

She was grinning both at this whole situation and Alan's response to the girls, of course. That was one hell of a one-liner there, Alan. Wham. The look on their faces. Yeah, it was like Kaitlyn and Alan were coming at them, Katy Buried-style.

The water kept coming in. It was colder than she'd expected and then Kaitlyn realized why the fuck would she have any expectations of what the ocean felt like. This was her first time ever to be standing in an ocean, wasn't it. Wow. It was like, actual saltwater and everything and it was past her socks now and lapping incrementally upwards. Kaitlyn's concentration was momentarily broken by that realization and she breathed in the air and holy what, was she actually tasting the salt or was that just some stupid kind of, she didn't know, temporary hallucination thing or what?

And when she glanced back at the trio, Hannah/Olivia/Irene had blinked first. Going from sight. As far as Kaitlyn really cared, probably gone forever.

Those girls just didn't fucking get it, did they? Kaitlyn wins again. And Alan... he could be along for the ride another day or so at least, she guessed.

"Smooth," she said. "Uh... we can still try to follow them if you want."

Yeah. The pace of the water quickened a bit more, and as it started lapping up Kaitlyn's shins she chuckled and decided it was time to step out. She hefted the shield back up on her shoulder, letting it bear the brunt of its weight for a while. Ugh. You know, she'd actually considered leaving it here, kind of make this cove a stash place for it or any other heavy stuff she wanted to own but maybe didn't want to carry around the island 24/7. But this wasn't the place to do that, needless to say. And she was starting to feel the butterflies in her stomach as this tide was coming in really damn fast now. So she took one more moment to feel the salt on her bare legs.

Kaitlyn liked that.

It was only after she'd gotten back on dry land that turned around and looked at the cave again. Saw the water continue to flow in the mouth and was she imagining things, or was it really not as fast or furious a rush as it had seemed when she was standing in there?

And cursed herself as she realized she'd left way too soon. She'd blinked, too.

Kaitlyn hated that.

(Kaitlyn Greene continued in Robber Barons)
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