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She froze.

She didn’t look. She couldn’t look. It would be so easy for her to just lift her head up and see how the two people in the distance reacted, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t put her mind into doing it. There was something, on the edge of her. A feeling.

A feeling that if she looked up there would be something far worse than Toby looming down on her.

It was fear. The feeling was fear. She had made too much noise. She had blown whatever sort of cover she had, and whatever advantage she had on these two. And they would notice. They would be deaf not to. And then they would see her. And then they would do something to her. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew that it was something she wouldn’t want.

She didn’t know what that was, though.

And she was scared.

But she could talk, couldn’t she? She was Jasmine King. She could talk. She was good at it. She knew she could do it.

But there was a feeling. On the edge of her skin and crawling up her arms. Fear. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t do it and then they would get mad at her for trying to sneak up on them. She knew she could do it, but…

It was a risk.

One Jasmine wasn’t willing to take.

She ran back down the stairs, hoping that they wouldn’t follow and that the feeling would go away.

((Jasmine King, concluded in Dreams and Reality))
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