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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout was taken aback. To the boy, perhaps tucking the gun out of the way was nothing to write home about, but to her it was unexpected. She thought the boy would puff his chest out and stand his ground. Instead he put his gun away.

That disarmed Scout. It also made her shoulders relax.

Right. So either this guy was playing a long con or he was absolutely harmless. She... She felt uncomfortable. Moments ago she was planning about how to steal that gun, under the premise that he was going to flash it. She jumped to conclusions.

It wasn't right. Scout wasn't right. She was wrong. Read the situation wrong.

Scout did not smile. But she was no longer sneering either.

"... What's your name?"

It was as if the boy didn't even ask how Scout was doing. It was as if Baker did not say anything at all. 'Fucking around' was not her forte. She shook her head. That was the wrong question to ask. She changed the question.

"Forget it, you're a senior, right? Would have remembered your name if you were a junior." Scout shouldered her bag again, crossed her arms. "... Do you know a girl named Clarice? Big girl, dark mop of hair, friendly in that grating sorta way. Have you seen her?"
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