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Well, there was a No from Jerry and a Just askin' from Michael, whom expected the conversation to end right then and there. Move on, go loot, worry about it when it happens. They continued to walk down the alley of cars when Jerry spoke up.

''Wait, do you want to...?''

Wait, did he ask if we... Michael turned around. "I mean, I'd say yes, but I'm already taken. I don't know where Jonathan is, but he wouldn't appreciate if we, well, y'know." Michael knew what Jerry meant, it threw him off guard, but he knew what he meant. He wanted to poke some fun at it, because there was a chance he was just posturing, that he would back down."OOOOoohhh, you meant fighting, not the other eff word, okay! Sure, why not?" Michael put his axe onto the trunk of a nearby pinto and raised his arms into his fighting pose, before hopping in place twice or thrice. He stopped; his pose relaxing. "You uhhh, you sure about this? I'm one mean motherfucker, ask anyone around man, I fade the shit outta bitches, right?"

Jerry seemed a bit stand offish at it, that he'd probably back down. Michael took his shades off and left them by his axe. "Ehhh, you know what? I'ma be a gentleman, I'll give you first go if you want. Just ehhh, just hit me anywhere, I won't block or parry or nothin' just gonna see how hard you hit, right?" He hopped in place again, physically, he was hyping himself up for the blow, but mentally, he didn't think Jerry would actually do it. "Surprise me right, don't tell me when you do it, yeah? Jus' gimme a moment to prepare for it." He figured he'd push his luck and see how far he'd go with 'preparing', he had a little habit of poking fun at whoever he was going against, he'd like to get on their nerves to give himself a laugh.

He froze in place for a moment, his arms lowered. He slowly raised his arms at the elbows, leaving his hands pointing from his waist, his fingers twitching erratically, as if some song was playing in the background. He resisted the urge to ask some nearby Donnie to play Lowrider as he slowly brought his hands to his face, fingers still twitching. As his hands reached around face level, he paused for a moment, before gyrating them at the wrists and lurching his arms down again.

"Okay, lets ride!"

This was a bad idea, but if acting like Nicholas Cage didn't make Jerry want to punch him, absolutely nothing would...
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