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Rorick Skyve
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Son of a bitch, of course he had to go and sit next to Caedyn. Was he doing that on purpose? Jane bit her lip for a second, about to press out more curses, but then decided to try and contain her frustration for the moment. She'd give him the benefit of the doubt on this one, if only because the guy looked like he couldn't even harm a dayfly.

She took a reluctant step towards the two ground dwellers, then got in front of Oskar and kneeled down on one leg.

Took her all but two seconds to regret that though. God, that stench, what the fuck was that? Her first instinct was to pinch her own nose shut, but she pulled her fingers away immediately, instead rubbing her face in an irritated manner. Like seriously, this was shit she was smelling, she wasn't fucking imagining things. Oskar had just been in front of her seconds ago, standing up and all; she hadn't smelled anything then. So, yeah...of course.

She turned her head towards Caedyn for a second, shooting her a glare while resisting the temptation to hurl some words of disgust into her stupid face. Fucking rank. Just, how much more obnoxious could this bitch get, seriously?

She had other things to do though. The smell was terrible and all, but she'd have to ignore it too. Oskar probably wouldn't move his ass elsewhere if she asked him to, what with the way how he had sat down right there next to Caedyn. Yeah, no way around it. Ugh.

Putting Oskar's kit on the ground next to her, Jane focused her attention on the red carpet of welts all over the guy's legs. Goddamn, what the hell had he been doing? As if those nettle stings weren't enough, his skin was adorned with a whole bunch of scratches as well. Quite an accomplishment, really.

"Jesus, did you go frolicking through those bushes or something? I mean, it's not really serious or anything, but you really gotta try to get your legs fucked up like this."

She reached for the med kit, which opened with a quite satisfying sounding 'click'. Yeah, she loved that sound for some reason, didn't even know why. Even better though, looked like the thing really was packing everything she'd need to treat the guy. She had almost kind of expected it to just be empty or something, like some sort of cruel, twisted prank. Didn't look like it though, unless there was acid inside those bottles or some shit like that. Only one way to find out.

Rummaging through the contents of the box, she quickly lifted her head to look at Oskar. "Could use some of your water here. I mean, I can try without, but if you want to keep those legs, better hand me some of that."

No clue why she was making jokes now, to lighten the mood or some shit like that. Not like she really was in the mood for it herself though. "Really though, gonna need your water bottle. Don't worry, I won't use too much, scout's honor."
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