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He said that without thinking, but it was true. Jerry never was in a fight. He witnessed some during his school years, but could those really count? They were mainly shoves, pushes, punches, kicks, and more or less screaming involved. Most of them weren't real fights too, they were play fights. Nothing to be learned about that but that your friends can start brawl in a moment and be done the second after.

Even while he wanted to become a wrestler, Jerry was just a voyeur. He was never really aggressive, he never wanted to hit anyone. He just wanted to become a professional wrestler just for the novelty, just to be the badass at Christmas that fakes to get beaten up by kids. He wanted to be someone he wasn't, and that's what attracted him to that.

But other than that, other than watching them on TV or imagining himself in one, he never fought anyone as a joke or seriously.

Yet there he was in this life-or-death situation all about fights, about duelling each other, to be the strongest of all. He wished he went through his wrestler dream, not his dancer dream. Well, how could he have known that one day, he'd be stuck here and having these thoughts going through his mind. Still a dancer versus a wrestler, who would win? Not the guy that could be snapped in half, obviously.

What was Michael getting at? Why did he care about Jerry's experiences with fights? Why was it so important to him to ask something like that, right now? After that his plan failed? What was he-

Then, everything clicked.

''Wait, do you want to...?''
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