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No plan at all. That actually seemed about right, like the sorta thing Irene would have expected anyways. Cochise Green Belt, couple of friends, ton of bullcrap. Sometimes her friends were smart and wise and inspiring like Abby or Caedyn or something but other times, well... Not so much? But. It all made sense anyways. It was just the way it was supposed to be. Like the water beginning to erode at the soles of Irene's sneaks. Tides. Gravity. Nature.

Just the way it was supposed to be.

"Well, I guess...-"

"Yeah, let's just go before it gets too deep."

"Yeah Olivia's got it right." Suddenly Hannah and Olive were whispering- or something that was maybe whispering, really hard to tell with the acoustics in this cave- in the general direction of Irene's ears. Hannah continued to insist, "These two are kinda creeping me out, and their plan still makes no sense. We should bail while we can." Huh. Well fair point on the plan making no sense. It just wasn't given enough evidence, like the sort of argument Webber would happily red ink up. Irene didn't think Alan and Kait were so creepy, though maybe there was something odd in how Alan just stoically stood there when Irene could somewhat recall that he couldn't swim? Hm.

"-... Yeah, let's just all get out of here?" Maybe Alan and Kait would follow maybe they wouldn't. As long as they followed just enough to not drown in the cave, and all.

Irene wasn't moving more so than she was moved, by familiar warm and firm grips of her hands. Irene was dragged for a second, the immovable object jet-skiing over an inch of water, then she remembered: She had feet. Irene surged forward with the meanest of her power supplies, bounced free of the cave within a few seconds. Hannah was right on her heels.

Olivia glanced behind, seemingly a bit distracted, but followed her friends with some urgency she could muster and was also quickly gone.

((Hannah Kendrickstone, Olivia Fischer, and Irene Djezari continued in the way to dusty death))
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