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Olivia shook her head to herself again. 'Ways' wouldn't be enough to get them out. This was hopeless, just stupid, just an elaborate form of suicide. Her eyebrows started furrowing. She felt somewhat disappointed with the two, rather angry, really, because she'd made herself look like an idiot thanks to them. Who knew that someone talking about 'messing up the system' didn't actually have anything close to a plan? And this was supposed to be a happy moment, a normal moment where she'd meet up with Irene and Hannah, talk like they're in the hallways, and just waste time. But then here Alan and Kaitlyn come with their 'plans'. And maybe she'd been hoping for some instant solution, some easy way out presented to her on a platter as soon as she woke up, something to help her ignore this island.

But they had nothing.

And she wasn't quite sure how to say, 'Oh, it's been nice talking with you and all, but the answer will have to be no,' to Alan and Kaitlyn because that was a little too direct, a little too brusque, and she knew she wasn't good at endings, but she didn't want this one to be too harsh because as much as she tried to push it to the back of her mind, this possibility, she knew things escalated all too quickly in this game. And she wasn't quite sure how to get themselves out of this situation because apparently, they were coming with them, as if they'd agreed to this 'plan' of theirs. And she was about to say sorry to Hannah for wasting her and Irene's time when all of a sudden, ice-cold water splashed all over her feet. She gasped, and her eyes widened a bit. Her skin felt covered with goosebumps already.

Then, Hannah asked to leave a second time, and this time, Olivia gave a quick nod. And then Alan imposed himself and Kaitlyn on them, because apparently none of them were good at this whole whispering thing, and Olivia started breathing a bit heavier, but then she stopped because why was it so hard for her to say no, why was that two-letter word so difficult? Well, they'd have to come with them anyways unless they wanted to drown- no, no one's going to die here, don't even think of it, stop- take a swim, so they'd have to deal with them later on. But the water was rather convenient for now, really, and being like, 'Oh I'm sorry, I'd love to talk but this high tide's rather inconvenient, don't you think', sounded much better, much nicer than just saying no. It would buy them a bit of time at the very least. Or maybe they'd stay here, get the signals, the nudges and winks that all added up to, 'Please leave.' Or stay, rather, while they left. Maybe, hopefully, they'd make it much easier for all of them.

So, she said to both Irene and Hannah, just loud enough for the rest to hear, "Yeah, let's just go before it gets too deep."
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