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Brendan knew that Jonathan would want to warn others about Alvaro. Brendan would have wanted to do the same thing. It would either made people avoid Alvaro or.... or it would make some people want to kill Alvaro. Maybe. Brendan didn't want to. Alvaro was a murderer but if Brendan tried to kill him himself.... Then he would be the same. The best thing that Brendan would do right now was make sure to keep a eye on Jonathan. Make sure that he is going to be safe. He wanted Jonathan to have a clear head. Even if he was in a bad state right now.

Leave? Why would Jonathan say that? He wasn't going to leave Jonathan. He wasn't going to abandon him. He needed to stay by his side and make sure that Jonathan will be okay. If he left Jonathan..... No, he couldn't think about it. He will stay. He made up his mind as soon as he saw Jonathan appear.

"H-Hey, I won't go anywhere. I'll stay with you, Jonathan. Don't worry. Okay?" He said as he sat down beside him as his legs were getting sore and he glanced at Jonathan with a small smile. "I will be here when you wake up. Also.... Would you like to borrow my hoodie? U-Um.... to cover up yourself. If you don't want to, then that's fine with me."
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