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I... I don't really know if I can or want to sleep, I just..." Jonathan didn't really know what to say or do. He was tired, but could he sleep? He wanted to get everyone he could off this island, but he didn't know how. He didn't have time to sleep, but at the same time he couldn't think straight. He was at a dilemma, would more people die because of inaction, or would whatever plan he create fail because it wasn't thought through properly. "I..." He wanted to tell Brendan that he was planning an escape, that he'd need help. What if the terrorists catch on? They heard him already at the bell tower, and if he told Brendan? Brendan might get killed because of him too...

"I want to warn the others about Alvaro." It was a partial lie, but at the same time, anyone he met would be warned. He wanted to tell Brendan the truth, but he couldn't risk people getting killed because of him, he couldn't have it happen like what happened to Barry. He needed help though if he were to plan an escape. He couldn't think, he wasn't thinking rationally. Brendan was right, he needed some sleep. Jonathan sat down, leaning against the fence.

Brendan was the first person outside of Barry to show any sort of concern for him. Everywhere they went, people disappeared. Brendan was the first who didn't. Brendan was the first to actually stay, to ask about what had happened. He couldn't have blamed Clarice or Conrad, they had to find Clarice some help. But the others? Aiden didn't believe what was in front of him, and Scarlett stayed with him, Tina just left. If they all stayed together, Barry would still be alive, maybe they could have talked down Alvaro, maybe he wouldn't have been a murderer. Jonathan couldn't help but blame them for it, it didn't take long for him to be disgusted in himself for thinking that. He couldn't blame them, not even Alvaro to an extent, it was those terrorists fault. Alvaro was responsible for his own actions to an extent, but he'd have never done it if he wasn't here.

Brendan stayed however, he didn't leave. That was enough to help him continue. But for how long would he stay? He hoped he wouldn't wake up alone again. Jonathan looked up at Brendan.

"Brendan, please, don't leave."
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