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Alvaro left. Lily waited until his footsteps headed into another room nearby. The moment she heard that, she picked up her things and left. Trying to be quiet, just in case he heard her and decided to follow.

Lily didn’t need to be around if he found Tina. Didn’t need those questions. ‘Was it you, Lily? Did you see it happen?’ She didn’t need accusations. Or worse, pity. She didn’t need that. She could have just stopped Tina from dying. She’s not the one who’d need pity, who’d need comfort.

She’d be fine.

She was fine.

If she thought it enough times, maybe it would be true.

Find somewhere to hide. That was the important thing. Somewhere where Alvaro would never find her. And then… and then…

And then figure out how she was going to live through the evening. Then the next day. Then the next…

Then, maybe, eventually she wouldn’t have to worry about the next day. And then, only then… maybe she could grieve like she was meant to. But not now. Not on this island.

She reached the end of the ward, and after checking that Alvaro wasn't behind her, she shoved open the door and ran for it.

((Lillian ‘Lily’ Caldwell continued in Pitstop.))
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