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What's that?

Alan closed his eyes, letting the sea breeze wash over him. Fitting. Dramatic wind, dramatic speech. And it'll have to be fucking dramatic if he was going to get anyone to stay with him. Yes. A wind was perfect.

High tide was coming. Yeah, that was a thing. High tide was coming, and that meant that, theoretically, it was time for Alan to hightail it out of there and save the speech for later. It's not like you could fight against nature.

Fuck that authoritarian bitch. This was important.

He would've done it, too. Stood there like a rock, stubborn and unyielding, letting the water rush up to his eyes without moving a muscle, giving a monologue. Like, really, a fucking monologue with the wind at his back and water pouring in around him. It was the chance of a lifetime. Who was he? He was The Rising Tide. That's Rising Tide with a The. And everyone bows at his feet, because that was fucking awesome.

Alan couldn't swim.

So I guess he'll settle with a 'you're fucking coming with us, then'.

Except that was possessive, dominating. Bad Alan. Shitty, patriarchal Alan.

"We're fucking coming with you, then."

There. That was better. Didn't make it seem like he was trying to make himself the leader. Of course, Alan was going to be leader. That was a foregone conclusion. But it was better to be smooth and subtle about it. Alan was a snake. A finger-tenting mastermind with a silver tongue.

You wish. But that didn't mean he had to be blatant about it, you know?
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