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That was about all she was going to get out of Alvaro, then. But why’d he have to push that last part on her? Like she was responsible for giving him a direction or sense of purpose? She didn’t mind being asked questions back at school. There, it was fine. She knew what she was doing there, and when she didn’t it meant little more than ‘sorry, ask someone else.’

But asking for help on your schoolwork and asking for help deciding on a course of action during a death game… completely different.

“Do what you want,” Lily said. Her voice was irritated and cold.

Why’d Alvaro have to be all like this? All… nervous and smiley at weird points. Like this was back at school. Those days were past. Why did he have to bring them up just by being present?

“I’ll be leaving,” Lily said. She tried to keep her voice level, but it shook slightly. The idea of going out there again was terrifying. But so was the idea of staying. “No offence to you, but I want to find somewhere asleep where the possibility of someone slitting my throat is minimal. So I’d rather you didn’t follow.”

She needed a new hiding place now. She tried to stay focused on that thought. New hiding place. Think of survival. Think of nothing else, not Alvaro or Tina or anyone.
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