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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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The Cassowary's impressive body and instincts might lead one to believe it is fully a predator. It is built like a hunter, to be sure, and it is deadly from crest to claw, but make no mistake: the Cassowary's most dangerous asset is its intelligence. It knows that it does not need to chase some meals. That some will simply be brought to it, or left by those that are more careless, less efficient. The Cassowary is not too prideful for scraps. It can wait for another to make the kill, then take what it can after all that energy has been expended, and it is left stronger than both predator and prey.


Caedyn could live in that mindset. People had to die, but she didn't have to kill them, now did she? Not when they'd stumble over her feet to kill each other. Stupid Jane. Stupid, Stupid Jane. Oskar had some kind of plan, and she was happy to sit back and see where it led. Best case scenario, they took each other out, and she could just walk away without any worries. She'd clean up, refresh, and rinse and repeat. That was the key to this whole thing. She didn't have to think too hard; just let other people's shittiness drag them down until she could go home.

With that in mind, she sat down back in the grass and let the pair talk, throwing Oskar a glance every once in awhile. The occasional bit of eye contact, and a slight nod. Something to reciprocate his little wink, and let him know that she was with him...whatever he did.

She absolutely wasn't. But if that made it easier for him to get it over with, she could give him a nudge.
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